Project Description


The Rapel valley, home to the grapes used in this wine, extends from east to west along its namesake river. The temperate Mediterranean climate of this valley brings hot, dry summers and rainfall occurs mostly during winter—ideal conditions to grow healthy, perfectly ripe grapes. Mountain breezes blow in the areas adjacent to the river, cooling the vines grown in the region and creating fine red wines with rich fruity profiles and good concentrations.


The grapes used in this Merlot were mostly harvested mechanically. They were subsequently fermented and macerated with their skin in stainless steel tanks in order to extract color, flavors and textures. These processes are carried out under controlled temperature conditions and using selected yeasts. Once fermentation is completed, the wine is aged in tanks for a few months to attain greater smoothness, complexity and subtle notes of wood.


Color: Ruby red with purple hues.

Nose: Its red fruit aromas of raspberry and black fruit, like cherry, complement very well with a hint of vanilla and a few dry herb undertones.

Palate: A juicy wine with notes of black tea that highlight the fresh and juicy flavors of red and black fruit like raspberry and plum. Very smooth tannins and toasted notes in the finish.

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