Project Description


The grapes that give rise to our varietal wines are grown in Chile’s Central Valley, home to our country’s main winegrowing regions. The Mediterranean climate of this historic valley brings rainy winters and hot, dry summers—ideal conditions to grow healthy grapes of perfect ripeness. Due to its great diversity of soil types and microclimates, every variety of this line finds the best conditions in the valley, breathing life into wines of fine and authentic varietal expression.


The grapes used in this Chardonnay are harvested primarily mechanically and at night, when cooler temperatures help preserve fresh aromas and prevent oxidation. Subsequently, the grapes are processed and pressed at a low temperature to obtain their juice which is clarified and fermented with selected yeasts under controlled temperatures.  In order to attain greater smoothness, volume and complexity, the wine is aged on its lees for a few months. Sediment is removed through a gentle filtering process carried out before bottling.


Color: Clean and vibrant pale golden yellow.

Nose: Well defined aromas of tropical fruit like passion fruit and pineapple with a touch of peach and vanilla.

Palate: Fresh acidity that balances very well with notes of ripe tropical fruits laced with toasted and sweet spice hints.

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