It all began in 1851 when a young Silvestre Ochagavia started a revolution in national winemaking by planting the first French varieties in Santiago. With more than 165 years of existence and pioneers of chilean viticulture, Viña Ochagavia creates disctintive and passionate wines for the world to enjoy.

  • 1770

    Before the independence of Chile, Silvestre Ochagavia Echazarreta orders the construction of the Casona Lo Ochagavia estate house in the heart of the city of Santiago. 50 years later, the luxurious colonial mansion welcomes the birth of Don Silvestre, the owner’s grandson and future founder of Viña Ochagavia.

  • First Government Junta in Chile. September 18 was declared day of independence and has been celebrated as national holiday ever since.

  • 1818

    The Casona Lo Ochagavia is used as headquarters and training camp for the Liberation Army under the command of José de San Martín.

  • Birth year of Silvestre Ochagavia Errázuriz, better known as Don Silvestre and founder of Viña Ochagavia.

  • 1846

    Once in the possession of a law degree and with a deep passion for wine, Don Silvestre decides to engage in politics and takes on the challenge of becoming the Minister of Foreign Affairs under the administration of President Manuel Bulnes. The position requires him to travel on numerous occasions to the Old Continent, where he decides to settle down and make a home in Bordeaux, France.

  • In addition to his political obligations, Don Silvestre cultivates his interest in the world of wine. For three years, he studies the big differences between the viticultural practices used in Chile and France, and becomes familiar with the great variety of cultivars grown in different terroirs.

  • 1850

    After four years studying with French enologists, Don Silvestre decides to return to Chile and apply the knowledge and the techniques learned in the Ochagavia estates. He brings with him a group of seasoned specialists together with the first cuttings of fine Bordeaux varieties.

  • The year of the foundation of Viña Ochagavia. The first grapes of Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling are harvested, followed by Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot and Pinot Noir. The French expert Joseph Bertrand joins the winery and quickly becomes Don Silvestre’s right-hand man.

  • 1860

    Following the example set by Don Silvestre, new wineries begin to emerge in Chile and production of Bordeaux varieties becomes a professional activity. Many realize how well the new cultivars adapt to the Chilean fields and quickly understand the central zone’s potential for growing quality wines.

  • The phylloxera pest ravages the grapevines of most European vineyards. Chile remains free of the pest and becomes a safe haven that attracts several European winemakers in search of new opportunities.

  • 1938

    A law restricting the production and sale of alcoholic beverages is enacted during the administration of President Arturo Alessandri Palma. To cope with the new legislation, wineries begin to export their products.

  • Faced with insurmountable regulatory and production difficulties, Silvestre Ochagavia Hurtado, the grandson of Don Silvestre, is forced to sell all property rights to Viña Ochagavia, its fields and cellaring facilities to Consorcio Vitivinícola de Chile. Fortunately, the Casona remains in the family.

  • 1982

    The CWB group led by the Larraín family acquires Viña Ochagavia from Consorcio Vitivinícola de Chile.

  • The prestigious Maipo valley sees the birth of our icon wine Raíces Nobles.

  • 2016

    Today, Viña Ochagavia sells its wines in more than 30 countries around the world. A true achievement for Don Silvestre, who always believed in the potential of this small corner of the southern hemisphere to produce wines that would delight the world.


Viña Ochagavia offers Bordeaux legacy wines with grapes harvested from the best valleys of Chile. Our wines stand out for their character, elegance and passion, attributes that give tribute to our founder and father of Chilean viticulture: Mr. Silvestre Ochagavia.


Commanded by our Chief Winemaker Ivan Martinovic, our enologist team is constantly improving and working every day for maintaining the quality and consistency in our Ochagavia wines.

Iván Martinovic

More than 165 years in the wine industry has certainly given as some knowledge and experience through winemaking process. Iván Martinovic is the leader of our enologist team, who has maintain the philosophy of Don Silvestre in “making always a sustainable growth by privileging the richness of the fruit”. The result has been a careful selection of the best grapes in our finest vineyards demonstrated in the quality and consistency of every Ochagavia bottle


Our quality is not a coincidence. Viña Ochagavia is present from the western Pacific Ocean to the eastern Los Andes, always seeking the best terroirs in the most recognized valleys.

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Gold Medal Raices Nobles Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
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Gold Medal Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2014 China Wine & Spirits Awards 2016
Gold Medal Ochagavia 1851 Merlot 2015
Gold Medal Reserva Merlot 2014 China Wine & Spirits Awards 2016

Ochagavía is one of the wineries belonging to Carolina Wine Brands (CWB), being the oldest Brand of the entire group.

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